Spinnaker®  says goodbye “Beach Club” and hello to a whole new way of thinking


Panama City Beach, FL., January 15, 2019 / Spinnaker® / — Wow… can you believe Spinnaker has been around, in one form or another, for nearly 50 years? We are very proud to have been part of the history of Panama City Beach since 1972. Consistent with our longevity, we firmly believe it’s all about innovation and willingness to evolve with the times. So, today, Spinnaker® Beach Club is officially announcing that our nightclub days are over, but this news is just the beginning. In an effort to redefine what Spinnaker® means to the world, one bite at a time, we are moving forward as Spinnaker Beachside Grill®. 


Since the recent announcements of the last “Beach Club” New Year's Eve party ever and the follow-up R.I.P. “Beach Club” 1972-2018, more than 75,000* people have seen, shared and commented on our social media sites with an overall feeling of WTH? Speculation was rampant. Fans of Spinnaker® guessed everything from the place becoming a condo to being purchased by major music stars. “I subscribed to a theory advanced years ago by a silicone valley magnate that said if it ain't broke, fix it!” owner/operator Sparky Sparkman explains, “The beach has changed dramatically over the past decade. The old days of being a party destination were fun while they lasted, but transitioning into a family-friendly destination is not optional. Spinnaker must and will adapt," Sparkman says, “But not to worry, we’re still going to be the best place on the beach for a burger and a beer, and our live music is enshrined in our roots - we just think it is time to get serious about our food.” 


While all the details about the new Spinnaker Beachside Grill are not yet being released, know that the favorites you love like the Paradise Burgers, Fish Tacos and Spin Mac n Cheese aren’t going anywhere! The fact that the final version of the new Spinnaker is still evolving has much to do with the life-altering impact of Hurricane Michael. We promise to share more about the upcoming changes and the 2019 menu soon on our social media sites and our new website


Over the past 45+ years, Spinnaker has meant something different for many. And over the next 45+ years, we want Spinnaker to simply be a great place to eat and drink beachside. We promise to treat every guest like family and to exceed your expectations, so Y’all leave happy, spread the word and come back often. We can’t wait for you to experience the new Spinnaker Beachside Grill, coming Spring 2019. More soon on facebook@spinnakerbeachsidegrill;  instagram@spinnakergrillpcb;





For 46 years, Spinnaker has been a leader, innovator, and expert in all things burgers, beach, beer, and entertainment. Now with the new focus on food, the signature menu will be fresh and offer guest favorites like the Paradise Burger, fish tacos, seafood and more. Spinnaker Beachside Grill will offer guests a flip-flop casual experience with a real focus on amazing food and a laid-back beach attitude. 8795 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL 32408.

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